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Customers' values come first

Our customers know what they want and know when they are being treated well. After serving the performance aftermarket since 2002, we find what our customers value most are:

  • Timely and respectful communication
  • A wide variety of high quality choices
  • Professional, unbiased advice aimed at long term satisfaction
  • Efficient handling of orders

Heeltoe Automotive has recognized these values and turned them into our strengths and make them our goals on a daily basis.

The Meet the Heeltoe Team

We're a small team, but highly efficient and proficient. Meet the Heeltoe staff:

Marcus di Sabella
Principle and Owner


Elise di Sabella
Co-owner and Business Controller


David Walker
Order Manager and Customer Service Expert


Yes, it really is just us three! By using efficiency, technology, simple procedures, automation where it counts, and a human touch where needed; Heeltoeauto.com is successful in creating happy customers every day!

Of course our strong and reliable network of suppliers helps us ensure fast and reliable delivery of products all over the world! We don't just form great relationships with customers, we do with our vendors as well. This means that when you order from Heeltoeauto.com sites, you've got a great lineup of people working hard for your complete satisfaction.



Heeltoe Automotive was founded in 2002 by Marcus di Sabella. The company started as a JDM (Japanese Domestic Parts) parts importation business, later bolstering business with aftermarket parts sales, and most recently the Genuine/OEM parts sectors have grown into a thriving sister-business. Where the market was not able to provide solutions, Heeltoe has found success in producing parts for niche markets under the brand names Fastline Performance, ATLP, and Medieval-Pro using various internal and external manufacturing resources.


Rooted In Genuine/OEM Quality

Honda cars have always held a place near and dear to our founding members. Marcus had worked at Honda dealers from 1997 to 2005, and within that time achieved experience as both a Technician Apprentice and Parts Professional, serving front counter retail, back counter shop support, and wholesale parts orders and delivery. Luck would have him working within dealerships accepting of aftermarket parts sales and installation (one dealer even had an in-house chassis dynamometer). This experience gave him invaluable insight into the inner-workings of Honda dealers and Honda cars themselves, as well as a unique view on the automotive aftermarket industry. 

As a result, Heeltoe Automotive possesses knowledge and ability that is unmatched by any other performance parts shop or car dealer:

  • Unique parts knowledge: Parts interchange, supersession, oem-for-performance, and numbering nomenclature.
  • Performance part recommendations with an eye on vehicle reliability and oem-like quality.
  • Respect for replacement parts for maintenance: "Keeping it OEM" where it is important.
  • Respect to performance parts as a form of enhancement: As some would claim "OEM is best," we disagree at times.
  • Historical resources: We maintain a library of vintage parts and service books and microfiche.
  • Foreign market lookup and resources: We have resources in Japan, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and beyond. 

In 2007, Heeltoe Automotive became a DBA under a newly-formed corporation, di Sabella Industries, Inc.

Where Medieval-Pro Came From

Hondas that feature torsion-bar front suspensions (namely, the 1984-87 Honda Civics/CRXs and 1986-89 Acura Integras) are unique vehicles among the Honda/Acura lineup. Having owned a number of them himself, it became natural that Marcus would keep Heeltoe Automotive as loyal to often-overlooked segments of the Honda market as possible. Providing parts for these chassis, and even making new parts under the Medieval-Pro brand name, has made Heeltoe a favorite in terms of the classic/cult Honda marketspace. 

The Origins of Fastline Performance

In mid 2004, Fastline Performance, producer of the world famous Fastline Performance Shifter, was in danger of closing shop. The distinctive products produced and sold by Fastline Performance would have been lost to the world had di Sabella Industries, Inc. not stepped in, purchased the company, and continued production of their products. To this date, all new and innovative products made by di Sabella Industries, Inc. are produced under the Fastline Performance brand.

Acuras, S2000, and HTSpec

A short time later, with the release of the 2004 Acura TSX sports sedan, Heeltoe Automotive had found a new primary focus for sales in the Acura segment. The later model Acura platforms represent the best Honda has to offer in terms of a well-functioning chassis, great powerplants, and innovative technology. These platforms have been featured as a Heeltoe Automotive specialty. Because of our dedication to meeting hig levels of customer demand for useful and reliable products, Heeltoe Automotive is considered one of the leading providers for products for the Acura TSX, Acura TL, Acura CL, and Honda Accord.

In 2010, a concept of Acura tuning entered the forefront of Heeltoe Automotive's marketing focus that centered on upgrading without compromise. Under the marketing name "HTSpec," Heeltoe Automotive is successfully combining parts in packages that are geared toward service our customer's needs for products that are meet minimum standards for quality, functionality, livability and performance. Introducing all-new staged brake packages was something unheard of in the Acura tuning world. Bracing packages, shifter packages, and more recently a specifically tuned coilover-damper system for TSXs and TLs round out what are considered to be a comprehensive set of sports enhancements. HTSpec has come to symbolize products that are geared toward drivers who are looking for the best intersection of performance and value.

Also in 2010, Heeltoe Automotive entered the Honda S2000 market. In general, S2000 customers enjoy their cars and are discerning with regard to their upgrades. Having the resources and customer service skills needed to succeed, we realized the platform affords opportunities to produce new Fastline Performance products. Offerings include the innovative Locking Top Latch Button Set and the Single Outlet Bumper Cap which provides a clean look to S2000's running single-outlet exhausts.

We Take Over the Reigns at ATLP

ATLP, which stands for "Achieving Total Luxury & Peformance," is a truly home-grown brand representing quality, taste, and sporting nature. A web-community member and customer of Heeltoe Automotive has started ATLP, and within four years had passed the baton onto us to continue its legacy. Mainly an exhaust-system product line, ATLP products are known most for their iconic "Quad-Tip" exhaust systems for Acura vehicles. ATLP parts were first developed around the 2007 Acura TL Type-S model and applications grew as the Acura product line did. In 2012, with the resurgence of popularity in the Honda Accord, ATLP expanded beyond the Acura border to become one of the best domestically produced exhaust brands available for Honda and Acura cars. ATLP has been one of Heeltoe Autmotive's best-performing product lines, as we expand it into composit aero-dynamic parts.

For 2015 and beyond, we look to strengthen our positions in markets we are already engaged in, and enter new markets as well. An all-new website design will present exciting new features for customers and opportunities to expand. 2016 is bringing an all-new cart and checkout process, as well as the introduction of a Genuine/OEM sister store at OEM.Heeltoeauto.com.

The story continues! Stay tuned to all the latest news and developments from Heeltoe by joining our email newsletter!


Our Mission Statement:

To provide value through a parts brokering service which is vastly superior to the typical web-store shopping experience, while following through with unmatched customer services including timely email reply, excellent communication, and professionalism and friendliness.

Providing value

Providing value is the foundation of our business. If the price is agreeable to the customer then value exists. If a profit can be made by the seller for providing the value, all parties are happy. The important word there that many other companies cannot match Heeltoe on is the word "value." When consulting customers, we work not to steer them in the direction of an item that is more profitable or more popular, but rather to the item that will serve their needs best.

A parts brokering service

Many stores in the aftermarket parts industry refer to themselves ambiguously as "shops." Do they mean shop as in a store? Or like a workshop? This confusion leads one to wonder what these "shops" actually do. At Heeltoe Automotive, we view ourselves as a broker. We do operate as a store in the sense that you shop with us and we provide product to you. And we do facilitate the service of customer cars. But what we strive to do, more than anything else, is make sure you are buying the right parts.

Brokers act to bring buyers and sellers together such that a useful exchange is made. We utilize our extensive industry contacts to source a wide variety of items from worldwide manufacturers. We gauge our consumers' needs and find items which will bring the most value to them for their needs. Our purpose is to provide a service and do so to the best of our ability because we know that connecting people with the right parts, reliably and consistently, is the best way of forming partnerships for all your automotive needs (even if just some honest advice).

Superior to the typical web store

Heeltoe Automotive is decided to keeping our website clean, simple, and user friendly devoid of distracting animations. We do our best to bring the best experience we can. We do not lease our data, and we do all of our own development. This allows us to create a user experience that is unmatched in the automotive aftermarket industry. We offer features such as an innovative car selector that allows shoppers to choose a custom engine, Custom Pricing requests that put customers in the driver's seat, currency exchange rate calculation, and a order-updating messaging feature that keeps customers informed of their orders as they are assembled.



We do not believe in subscribing in unproven snake oil for the sake of modifying.

We do not believe in popular opinion.

We do not believe being the best looking means being the best.

We do not believe that more parts will make you a faster driver.

We do not believe people have many advocates when doing research for parts.

We believe in car modification that enhances a car's abilities to provide you joy.

We believe in car modification that is intended to achieve the goals of the owner.

We believe that the cheapest options are not always the best options.

We believe they sometimes can be.

We believe the most important person to impress with your car is you.

We do not believe many stores truly possess the skills you need to recommend the best part to you.

Heeltoe Automotive is a store that can.


Experience & Qualifications

As brokers for your parts purchases, you want the people you do business with to be qualified professionals. The staff at Heeltoe Automotive has a combined automotive industry experience exceeding 30 years.

With a long history working around Honda automobiles and an education focused on manufacturing and automotive engineering, you will find no better adviser to your car needs than Marcus. Prior to leading Heeltoe Automotive, he began working for Honda dealers in 1997. After apprenticing as a technician and receiving maintenance training through Honda's headquarters in Torrance, CA, he left to pursue under-graduate education in the direction of Manufacturing Engineering. Marcus' time at university was supplemented by spots in service and parts departments of various SoCal Honda dealers. In this time, he founded Heeltoe Automotive through his accumulation of industry contacts, parts and service experience, and formal educational teachings. He graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2007 with his BS, and continued Heeltoe Automotive through the current day. Also since graduating, he has held positions with Magnaflow exhaust as a Manufacturing Process Engineer overseeing Robotic Welding cells, and worked as a Field Service Engineer for Westport Innovations' Heavy Duty branch, giving assistance to dealerships servicing 15 litre Natural Gas engines producing more than 1700 ft-lbs of torque.

Businesses profit from sales but stay in business through good bookkeeping. Elise, the Business Controller and Financial guru behind Heeltoe Automotive, brings extensive strength to the team. In 1998 she took a diverging path seeking both higher education and work experience concurrently; attending college to pursue a degree in Accounting and working in the business office of a local Nissan dealer. With the work ethic and organizational skills of an executive, it was not long before she climbed the ranks within the dealer. Within 3 years she had worked every desk in the dealer office; Cashier, Inventory Clerk, DMV Titling, and even Contract Auditor at no fewer than four different agencies; before finding Human Resources to be her career calling. After having achieved a BA in Human Resources Administration from Cal State Fullerton and sharply honing her skills with an outside software consulting firm, and earning a MBA in Human Resources Management, she brings considerable value to Heeltoe Automotive ensuring that all-things administrative are performed with fair respect and due dilligence to customers, vendors, and employees alike.

Being an excellent service provider means having patience and understanding for customer needs. Acting as the Order Manger is David, who takes on monumental tasks to ensure the best customer experience possible. He himself once a Heeltoe customer was brought onto our team at a time when we were growing and needed the most excellent individual we could find. As a someone who does scores of independent automotive research, David provides Heeltoe Automotive with valuable insights into our customers' perceptions. David was completing studies at a local college's automotive department when we met him, ultimately achieving a certification in automotive repair and engine building. His respect for our customers and attention to detail make him an asset for ensuring customer orders are handled accurately and quickly.

The Heeltoe team is a lean, mean group focused intently on earning future business through repeat orders. You can rely on this team to be of the most professional and experienced in the automotive aftermarket industry.


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